Attack on Titan

Erwin Birthday Jewelry



New jewelry has been produced  to commemorate the birthday of Erwin from TV anime “Attack on Titan”


They will be sold on a made-to-order for a limited time.



Order period

2022.11.25 - 2022.12.26




A pendant with a loop tie that Erwin has a motif.


The central stone is an original cut of green agate.

Laurel leaves surround the deep green.


The laurel has flower language suitable for Elvin,

such as "glory", "victory", and "honor", and the silhouette of

a horse's hoof that brings good luck is hidden on the back of the pendant.


This jewelry would make you feel like “It's always  watching over you.”


I hope you will like it.




The chain with a total length of 43cm has a slide ball,

so you can adjust the length according to your outfit.



Birthday Jewelry

- Erwin's pendant -

【Product Summary】

■Order period

November 25, 2022 - December 26, 2022

Please understand that cancellation is unacceptable because products are made-to-order. We can’t accept returns or exchanges for size differences.


■Delivery time

Shipped sequentially from April 2023

※Manufacturing may be delayed due to the influence of the coronavirus.


■Difference in quality

BASIC:We manufacture at an external workshop and make it with the same quality as general brands.

HIGH QUALITY:You can be pleased with  jewelry created by first-class craftsmen at an affordable price. Materials are the same as "BASIC".



BASIC:Silver925, Green agate, K18 coating or Rhodium coating

HIGH QUALITY:Silver925, Green agate, K18 coating or Rhodium coating



13mm×8mm×4mm + Chain (length 43cm)


■Purchaser benefit

Original jewelry case


■Country of origin



■Creators involved in this jewelry

3D Designer:yucca


Photographer:MIKI UEHATA


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© Hajime Isayama,KODANSHA/"ATTACK ON TITAN" The Final Season Production Committee.


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