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Hans Birthday Jewelry



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A pendant designed with the motif of Hans's trademark eyeglasses.


Smoky quartz with a baguette cut is set to represent the lens.


The combination of light gray and gold gives you an elegant look.


The metal frame that wraps the stone has a design that reflects light and changes its expression depending on the angle by cutting inside.


This jewelry  is really simple, so it would match any style.


I hope you will like it.




The chain with a total length of 43cm has a slide ball,

so you can adjust the length according to your outfit.


【Product Summary】

■Difference in quality

BASIC:We manufacture at an external workshop and make it with the same quality as general brands.

HIGH QUALITY:You can be pleased with  jewelry created by first-class craftsmen at an affordable price. Materials are the same as "BASIC".



BASIC:Silver925, Smoky quartz, K18 coating or Rhodium coating

HIGH QUALITY:Silver925, Smoky quartz, K18 coating or Rhodium coating



17mm×3.5mm×2mm + Chain (length 43cm)


■Purchaser benefit

Original jewelry case


■Country of origin



■Creators involved in this jewelry

3D Designer:yucca


Photographer:MIKI UEHATA


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